Monday, April 11, 2011

Disney College Program Extension

If you read my previous post you'll know that I applied for extensions but was rejected. Here's how it works. If you're going to apply for extensions I suggest you try your very best to keep a clean record.. that means NO lateness, no absences, call ins, no points! reprimands! zip! Unfortunetly for myself, I had to lose a key which is a major issue for most working areas that requires you to have a keys, for Old Key West, lose a key and you'll receive a 2 point reprimand, so dont lose it like me............ dont ask me how I lost it, I'm still trying to figure that out myself, it still hasn't been found! It's different for every area, I was told that I am lucky I didnt get sent home for loosing a key sooo yea it depends.

My managers tried everything from calling the managers of recruitment and they were told that spots have already been filled, not even awaiting line, they are finished and ready to let me go T.T xD Soooooooooo even if you do a great job and your managers love you, YOU STILL GO HOME!!!
Anyway, I also learned from going to a networking event with disney leaders, that one of the managers who is in charge of recruiting, specifically told me that, IF YOU HAVE NOTHING ON YOUR CARD YOU GET FIRST PRIORITY depending on the positions you have applied and they will most likely allow you to change positions and extend.. However, if you have some things on you record card depending on how serious it is.. I repeat No reprimands If you do.. they wont even look at your extension application! forget about even trying to change your position you might have better luck staying in the position you are in now. If you have points on your record card and you really want to extend I suggest in one of those slots where you're suppose to fill in your choices you want to extend for, leave room for your current position, and you'll probably have no trouble achieving that.

You can be part of the CP for 1 whole calender year so if you're part of the advantage program, you can still apply for another position for 4-5 months. First you'll be receiving a email from Disney about extensions around 3 months into your college program ONLY if you're part of the 4-5 month program. If you're in the  advantage program you'll be receiving that a little later..Place all the required information to log as you apply, apply for your options of positions, submit and wait. You'll receive your response the same way you logged in to apply and that will come around 3-4 weeks.
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Gab said...

Hun, i really love how you describe your program, i find it really useful for those people who are curious or might have the oportunity to experience it, even i have learned some things about it, your experiences really looks so fun! and wonderful to read. I wish u the best in your last days and keep it up! I miss you lots.

Gab said...

Oh! and also (like i just read in the chat/text box) you are hot!

lol <3!

Leaf said...

loll i love your comments :P